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Hey guy, I’m Steph, but I also go by snuffiee or little bit. Im a 32 year old cis female. I’m bisexual but prefer relationships with men.
I am currently in a polyamorous relationship living in a household with my cis straight boyfriend, his trans male husband, his husbands ex boyfriend, my boyfriends ex girlfriend and her current boyfriend. Between us all we own seven cats. Some things about me I love movies, gaming, music, and books. I consider myself an amateur writer and photographer as well.
I am recently divorced. I am a little/brat in the ddlg community and a sub in the bdsm community.









Movies I like

Below is a sample of the movies that I like. Please browse around

Captain America: The First Avenger
Iron Man
The Avengers
Thor: The Dark World
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Captain America: Civil War
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Doctor Strange
Thor: Ragnarok
Black Panther
Avengers: Infinity War
Captain Marvel
Avengers: Endgame

A Bug's Life
Brother Bear
Hocus Pocus
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Ice Princess
Into the Wood's
Jungle 2 Jungle
National Treasure
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Oliver & Company
Oz the Great and Powerful
Pirates of the Caribbean: 1,2,3,5
Recess: School's Out
Return from Witch Mountain
Return to Oz
Robin Hood
Sky High
Sleeping Beauty
The Great Mouse Detective
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid
The Mighty Ducks
The Princess Diaries
The Rescuers
The Rescuers Down Under
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Three Musketeers
Toy Story

Halloween 1,2, h20, resurrection, 2007,2009,2019
Friday the 13th 1-11
Nightmare on elm street 1,3,4,5,6,7, vs Jason
Cabin in the woods
Club dread
The boy
Truth or dare
Insidious 1-4
Conjuring 1/2
Annebell 2
Candy man 1-3
Slender man
The bye bye man
Eight legged freaks
Suspira 2018
Get out
The perfection
The ritual
Open house
Child’s play 1-5,7,8,9
Silent hill 1/2
Final destination 1-6
Resident evil 1-7

Ok well there are a lot more as you can tell I’m huge in to horror

Music I like

Cher Lloyd
Little mix
Peter hollens
Celine Dion
Rob Thomas
Matchbox 20
Spice girls
Simple plan
Taylor swift
Christina Aguilera
Save Farris
Bryan Adams
No doubt
Fall out boy
Miley Cyrus
Savage garden
Destiny’s child

My current theme song

My writing

Beyond The Shadows

“The evening sun faded away as the new sun rose. They lived in eternal darkness.” Mari was reminded of her grandmother’s dying words as she stood at a darkened bus stop. It had been twenty years roughly since she had heard her those words. Childish fears crept in to her mind. She started to see shapes in the shadows. She knew however it was just her mind playing tricks on her. Mari glanced down at her phone. It was now 9:57 pm her bus was ten minutes late. She grew annoyed as her battery kept counting down from the 7% she had left. She turned it off with a sigh and stared down the street in the direction the bus would appear from. However something drew her attention. She looked straight ahead of her across the street. The shadows were there playing tricks on her once more, conjuring the childhood monsters that plagued her nightmares. Only this time they formed a person. Mari couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman. The figure made the hair on the back of her neck rise. As she stared at it, it stared back at her in the same manner. As if it were afraid to move. Just as Mari felt at this moment. The calm night air turned wild as the wind began to rustle and blow though the trees. Mari’s heartbeat quickened with the sudden breeze. A faint whispering began in her ear. “One step.” First the right ear then the left. Whoever, whatever was whispering to her was circling her body. The tone was melodic. It was almost hypnotic in a way. Mari felt compelled to comply. The whispering persisted incessantly. Soon the words one step were repeating within Mari’s own mind. Her eyes were fallen half shut when Mari took her right foot off the curb to take the one step she now desperately needed to take. A loud horn snapped Mari out of her trance as her bus stopped directly in front of her. The air had calmed once more and the whispering ceased. She blinked a few times before quickly boarding the bus. Mari felt a safety being in the bright lights. She took a seat and the lights shut off once more. She looked to her left out the window. To where the figure was still standing. Only now she could see it was a man, Covered in swirling shadows. Mari could see a glimpse of bright red eyes glowing behind the swirling darkness as the bus sped off.“

The Invasion

The invasion started suddenly. Large, soft, amniotic sacs dropped from the sky. The governments quarantined off the area around the sacs. Each nations top scientific minds were brought in to research these mysterious sacs. However each nation was working independently. Our lack of unity was our downfall, that’s just what they were counting on. Less than a month after the sacs fell from the sky did movement begin inside them, Pushing and prodding. The first one erupted in London. The British were utterly unprepared for what was unleashed upon their city. It was the size of a large suv when it emerged. It was very insect like. Six legs could be seen as well as a pair of antennas. However, wires could be seen though it’s translucent skin. Something was flowing between the tubes and wires. A faint blue glow was visible. Within moments it grew to the size of a small single story building. It’s skin thickened and hardened. The military came out guns firing. It’s flesh had grown too thick to be pierced. It’s head was smaller than the rest of its body. It’s mouth opened wide as a large red
Beam cut though the military, incinerating them. After that it was killing everyone in sight. Similar reports surfaced from nearly every other nation with a sac. Saudi Arabia, China, Russia. Our sac landed in New York. Within a month every major city on earth were transformed in to ghost towns. The bugs slowly made their way from city to city destroying everything is it’s path. The survivors made their way underground in to disused war bunkers. Six months after the invasion began with all the nations scientists working together via 1930’s era communications systems, weapons were created. They were energy based. These new weapons were strong enough to blast through the hard thick skin of the bugs. We now had a way to defend ourselves. If only it had not already been too late.

The Stolen Throne


"its good that the only thing they have to worry about is whos going to be the dragon," Alex said. Charles still had his back to the man, but his voice sounded closer implying he had finally got off the sofa. "you should take your own orders, Charlie. besides they need a dragon or else, I'm never going to get any rest."
"you want me to play their dragon, and yet you are the one who breathes fire," Charles said with a laugh.
"those boys out there. They are going to be in the guard soon. They need to respect me; they need to follow my orders. They need to know they can not fail me. But you've made a habit out of playing the fool. Running around the grand ballroom with Lydia on your shoulders while Lady Thorne is giving the guests from Alvor a tour. I thought she was going to take you over her knee with the looks she was giving you." Charles couldn't help but laugh.
"before I met kes.. maybe," Charles replied. Malena Thorne was once his betrothed. his mother Queen Rhona was quite enraged when Charles announced he was going to marry kes instead. Charles had expected to see a look of shock and anger on Malena's face; however, all he saw was a look of relief. Malena was friendly with Charles when they were children. Not like carina was with jaco however. They remained on cordial terms. His attachment and guilt over their missed marriage were one of the reasons he agreed to let her son play with the other children. "I guess we should head down there."
"we?" Alex questioned. Charles saw him eying the sofa.
"you're going to let you son face the dreaded dragon alone?" Charles asked with a raised eyebrow knowing if there really was a dragon Alex would be the first one out there.
"twelve is old enough to be burned alive." Alex joked. When the two men reached the garden, Charles raced forward picking up carina taking her by surprise causing her to shriek. Charles rolled to the ground softy laying carina on the ground. He started ticking her. He heard Alex over his shoulder. "Well, knights are you just gonna let the evil tickle dragon capture the princess. get over there and defend her; that's an order!" Alex barked at the children. Charles braced himself pressing his hands against the grass in anticipation of the attack, also to ensure he didn't crush carina with his weight. All at once the children piled on top of him. He rolled over, and Makhale softly pressed a stick into his chest. Charles collapsed on to the ground. "oh no I have been defeated by the noble hero." Charles said before he went limp laying on the ground feigning death. There was a long period of silence. Charles couldn't tell what was going on.
"Daddy are you alright?" Carina asked him.
"perfectly fine dove," Charles replied. "but you won't be." Charles sprung up and took his daughter into his arms tickling her a bit more before giving her a tight hug. Charles released his little girl. She didn't jump up to rejoin the other children she remained in his lap. He smiled down at her. He knew it wasn't right to have a favorite daughter. However, Carina was by far his favorite. She was his eldest, The first one he held. She captured his heart entirely at that moment. Her twin sister Karin was born moments after. However, Charles was so enchanted with his Firstborn daughter he didn't even touch Karin until later that eve. It was disappointing when he thought about it. He never felt as whole and complete when he held any of his other three girls as he did the first time he held carina. Even now with her wrapped safely in his arms the same feeling washes over him.
"daddy why do you call me dove" carina asked as they sat under the large tree in the garden. Charles didn't answer her right sway he just looked up at the sky as the flock of doves flew above them
"have you ever noticed Cari how innocent and delicate they look. they have always symbolized beauty. not your run of the mill beauty but one that surpasses all others. it was said that Dumas had a pet dove ages ago something to do with his mother. carina when I look at you that is what I see a beautiful innocence. that is why my dear that you are my little dove." Charles answered. he smiled sweely to her while playing with her hair.
Charles glanced around. The boys were now using branches as swords, smacking them against each other. Charles looked to his right at the large tree in the center of the garden. Alex had joined Kes under it. The two of them were talking and laughing. They were old childhood friends. When Charles had met Alex and kes for the first time, it was at their betrothal ball. Charles had one customary dance with kes. That was all it took mere moments really for Charles to fall head over heels in love with her. Before he met kes, Charles kept his heart closely guarded. One smile from her and all of his walls came crashing down.
"glad you have time for this Charlie." the impatient voice that he knew all too well came from behind him. "I've been busy all day ensuring a safe and smooth Ball, and I find you out here." Malena Scolded. Malena moved her hand to her fire red hair pushing a pin back in. Her Honey eyes burning into his blue.
"Thank you for all your hard work Mal," Charles said lifting carina off his lap and set her on the ground before rising and giving Malena a grand bow. As he rose, he grabbed her waist lifting her high and placing her over his shoulder. He spun around with her.
"Charlie put me down this instant," Mal shouted.

Samples of My Photography

My Little Life

I’m a sweet but bratty little princess that knows how to be so cute I always get my way... until I don’t. I dye my hair and wear adorable little onesies, collect stuffies and glittery unicorn poop, and I color and watch cartoons. I love cuddling with daddy and listening to him read to me, and I love reading about all the crazy and exciting things that happen in the lives of my online friends.

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